Current Seasons Cruising tracks and our real-time location is accessed by our Patrons only. If you would find this information valuable, please consider becoming a Patron on our Patreon Page. You will not only receive this map information, but you will receive a bunch of other perks including behind the scenes videos, and live streams.

Tracks here are for informational purposes only. Do not try an replicate the exact track to navigate by. SPOT takes location information every 5 minutes, and these tracks do not represent exactly where we navigated. Corners are cut and following them will have you aground.

If you are a Patron you should of received a password to access this map. If you do not have a password, please go to our Patreon Page and send us a message.

Patrons can also access this map directly on Spotwalla if you wish to view a larger version.

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