Even though we just live a couple of hours away, we have never gone to the Old Port in Montreal. We had decided years ago that the only way we wanted to see the Old Port was by boat, it was certainly worth the wait. The Old Port Marina is a pleasure to stay at, the docks are clean, and there is lots of room. It is central to anything that is happening in Old Montreal. On the east side was the restaurant terraces, Cirque du Soleil, a photography exhibit and much more, to the west were the dock shops, the science museum, and to the north is central Old Montreal.

We stayed 3 days and 3 nights from July 9th to the 11th, and it was the perfect furthest point destination for this cruise. The first day, we just relaxed and got our bearings. We dropped into a tent display that was showing a beautiful nature photography exhibit.   That evening we had to try one of the restaurants in the area. We ended up at Jardin Nelson, which had wonderful atmosphere and good food. The restaurant is sort of outside but behind an old building facade, there are huge upside-down umbrellas that catch and funnel rain water into clear tubes where the patrons can stay dry and watch the rain falling, all the while listening to a really good live jazz band.

The next morning the Admiral wanted to get up to Saint Catherine Street for some shopping. It was advised to us that the best way to get there was on the subway. Since we have never been on a subway we decided that would be the way we would go. After riding the Metro I have to agree it is a very cheap, fast and easy way to get around Montreal.

The remaining days we spent trying to get into sold out Cirque du Soleil, which we never succeeded in doing, looking around the science museum, shopping, eating, and enjoying the action. We even seen a few of the highest fireworks from the C-Shel of the Fireworks competition where they were doing a fireworks tribute to Celine Dion, not sure why, but we will take it.

There is a good chance you will see some very large beautiful yachts as well up this way. The nicest we seen was the Vicem 72 that came in.

Old Montreal with the Old Port will be getting a visit from us again. We cannot recommend this destination more to any boater passing through. It is a great contrast against the secluded quite anchorages, small town marinas, and tranquil lock stations. Next time though, we may even stay at La Ronde Marina for a night to take in a couple roller coasters as well.