Every year I follow the IBEX show, wondering what new and innovative products I may be interested in and to become familiar with the technologies we are going to be seeing on the next generation of boats.

One product in particular caught my eye, and it won the innovation award in the safety category. The product is Azure by PlasDECK. It is a synthetic teak exterior decking solution where the caulk lines will glow in the dark because of a phosphorescent blend. Not only will this make things safer walking around the deck in low light conditions, it has a major cool factor as well.
Check it out on PlasDECK
 Will this product find its way onto the decks of the C-Shel? Well I can certainly see the safety and cosmetic value of the product.  I can see it now, taking a late evening cruise, or overnighting at anchor, a set of underwater LED lights turned on and the soft blue glow of the flooring strips. Very nice.

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