Start Time: 2012-07-07 12:01 PM
End Time: 2012-07-07 12:55 PM

Active track info:

Distance: 5.0 NM
Total time: 0h 52'
Average Speed: 5.7 kts
Max Speed: 7.5 kts

Needed to make a run to Gananoque. House batteries needed charging but the charger will not charge anything anymore. We are in Gan for a day or two to install a new charger.

Weather has remained beautiful. Had our first rainfall in the morning but it quickly cleared by noon.

The anchorage we were in just north of Camelot, just across the channel, is not marked on the charts. I have been noticing boats in there for years and decided to try it out. You need to stay away from setting you anchor deep in the bay, there is an underwater power cable that runs across it. If the wind is from the South, set your hook well out so when you let your anchor rode out you can just see Gan to starboard and the eastern tip of Camelot to port. This will allow you to see a spectacular sunset over Gananoque; which we did.

Click on the link to see it in Google Earth!