With inspiration from the likes of the Sunset Channel and the Aquarium Channel on cable, comes the Anchorage Channel... not really a channel but series of anchorage videos put in a YouTube playlist. :)

Last year we started mounting the HD camera and taking video of the sights and sounds of sunset anchorages. We have a few from around the Rideau and St. Lawrence to upload, but first in line is of course one of our favorite anchorages on the Rideau, Nobels Bay.  This is a peaceful 10 minute video of the sunset as we are swinging on the hook to enjoy on a big screen in HD, for times when you are not boating but wish you were. For best results, hopefully you have some way to sling YouTube video to your TV, like an Apple TV, a WDTV, or similar.

If you have a video of an anchorage at sunset from anywhere in the world, let us know about it, I'd love to consider adding it to our YouTube Playlist