Today we said good-bye to the C-Shel. She has been sold to a wonderful couple that we hope will have as much fun and make as many memories as we have on that boat. As we watched the boat cruise off into the distance heading for her new home, we couldn’t help but think of that saying, “The two happiest days of a boaters life is the day they buy a boat, and the day they sell her”, that saying must of been coined by someone who wasn’t a Tollycraft owner. I can’t say we were happy to see her go. We loved that boat and it still has special meaning to us. She was very good to us, and will always look back on our time with the boat as some of the best times of our lives. We can only hope she brings the same to the new family that has taken her on.  

So now we are boatless. This has been a very stressful week dealing with the purchase of a new boat, the boat we had been hoping for months would be the one that would take us south to the Bahamas fell through. It was not to be. We were so sure that this boat would be the one that we gave up our apartment at the end of May. At this point, in 15 days, we will not only be boatless, but also homeless. 

As we usually do, we have picked up whatever energy we could muster and we are now sitting in a hotel overlooking Port Credit Harbour Marina near Toronto, set to look at a few potential boats. 

As the other popular boater saying goes, “plans are written in sand at low tide”, our plans for the Bahamas this coming Fall is in jeopardy if we do not find a boat. We are cutting it close, we have little time, and very few boats to choose from. All we can say is, stay tuned.