(If you missed our arrival at Deep Creek Basin you can see it in the first leg video)

We left our beautiful anchorage at Deep Creek Basin first thing in the morning with the destination of an anchorage in Little Bay, which is on the west side of the Chesapeake. It was a cool, foggy morning as we entered into Norfolk, VA. Norfolk is a busy, industrial port. We saw lots of tugs busy at work pushing barges, lots of military war ships, and many snow birds cruising North.

As we exited Norfolk and Hampton, VA and heading into the Chesapeake Bay we were greeted with 3 dolphins. It's the first time we have ever had dolphins at our bow which caused a lot of excitement aboard the C-Shel. We hope to see many more!

After such a high with seeing the dolphins we were quickly brought down to a little bit of a low. It was not too long after that we saw a huge freighter in the distance coming quite quickly. We were what we thought was a safe distance away, at least 1 nautical mile. We then saw the size of the wake coming our way and realized it was going to be a big one. We completely buried the bow and all items on the bridge that weren't tied down went flying. So much water came onto the boat that it filled up the well where the door is on the starboard side. The scuppers couldn't keep up with so much water so we got a ton of sea water coming in through the seams around the door and all over our brand new carpet in the salon. Oh well you can't have new for long. Although we didn't know it at the time, we had also done damage to our davit system.

The next morning was a windy, overcast day so we decided that we would not travel anywhere as the seas would not be favourable. That morning we woke up to birds eating fish and making a huge mess on the roof and we then saw the damage done to our davit system so we thought we would pull anchor and go into a nearby marina. After 20 minutes of being tossed around, navigating through a ton of crabs pots and fishing traps, we arrived safely at the Chesapeake Boat Basin in Kilmarnock, VA.

We checked out the town of Kilmarnock, had amazing Thai food, and enjoyed some relaxation.

Stay tuned as on the next leg of our trip North we will check out Solomon's Island, MD and travel on the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay to Cape May, NJ.

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