We enjoyed our time on the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware Bay and it was now time to head out to the Atlantic Ocean to go from Cape May, NJ  to Atlantic City, NJ. This was the first day the C-Shel has been out on the ocean so we were very excited to get a chance to spend the day cruising the open waters. It was finally a beautiful sunny day, we had 1-2 ft swells and the boat danced gracefully. It was just breathtaking to be able to feel the ocean's movements and we also saw a lot of dolphins.

We arrived in Atlantic City late morning which gave us a full afternoon & evening to enjoy the area. We anchored in Brigantine just north of Atlantic City. This was a nice anchorage with a great view of Atlantic City. You can fit a lot of boats here and has quick and easy access on and off the ocean. We took out the dinghy to explore, checked out a near by beach and enjoyed some needed relaxation.


The next morning we were up first thing in the morning to head out on the Atlantic towards New York City. It was a beautiful 6am departure along with many boats having the same idea. The next days ahead were calling for high winds & rough seas so this was our only window of opportunity to get off the ocean and into the Hudson where the high winds wouldn't delay us. 

We saw lots of dolphins again along with a few whale sightings as well. By mid afternoon the temperature cooled downed and we had a following sea of about 3 ft all the way into New York. As we entered New York City the weather got even more colder and very foggy so we really couldn't enjoy our entrance into the city as much as we would have with a nice sunny day. We anchored off Ellis Island which gave us an amazing view of the city. The only downfall of the anchorage was the wakes from the boat traffic. I think they may have been worse than anything we've encountered during the past 2 weeks. 

It was just amazing to look out our windows during the evening and see the city lights of Manhattan.