We left Great Bridge dock with a little fight with the winds which kept pushing us back into the dock. No damage was done but let’s just say the rub rail got a few good hits but the wood pier was forgiving. We had a leisurely cruise towards Broad Creek, NC along with many other boats heading South. The anchorage is tucked away off the West side of North River and is well worth the stop. Probably the best anchorage in the area.  It was Halloween but there was nothing spooky about where we were - just beautiful scenery and a quite peaceful evening.

We awoke to another amazing sunrise and cruised through Albermarle Sound, down the Alligator River towards Belhaven, NC. It was a cool, crisp day and there was for the first time little to no internet service for most of the day.

We cruised to Oriental, NC and spent an evening, checked out the small town, and headed out the next morning to Mile Hammock Bay anchorage. There were lots of boats in the anchorage who all departed first thing in the morning. Our next destination was Wrightsville, NC. It was a great anchorage surrounded by beautiful houses, nice marinas and was a very nice clean town. I enjoyed a trip to Harris & Teeter for some groceries as well.

As we head into South Carolina the scenery is changing again giving us the feel of the Southern life. Palm trees are more plentiful, the homes are colonial styling with perfectly manicured landscapes and the heat of the sun feels more intense each day. We took a marina in Little Bay, SC and the next night a nice anchorage in Cow House Creek, SC. To the West of the anchorage was just miles and miles of wilderness. It was such a quite stillness it brought a sense of peace as you could even hear the wings of the birds when flying overhead.

Our next day was a another beautiful, sunny day with so many of us heading South. The chatter on the radio was non stop with folks looking for a slow pass, conversation of boating experiences, wishes of safe travels and everyone with such a nice pleasant demeanour. Must be the feeling of heading South for the winter. We arrived at our anchorage in Whiteside Creek, SC that afternoon which was a creek that was lined with seagrass that went on for miles. As we entered the anchorage there were many boats already settled away for the evening and dolphins playing around as we set our anchor. We could hardly focus as it’s always so exciting to see them and try to get them on camera. That evening brought on an amazing sunset over the many boats on anchor and a stillness of the night as the moon trickled across the waters. There is just no way to photograph, video, or describe the beauty and feelings we are experiencing. We’ve just got to say if you ever have the dream of this life on the water, go for it - it’s just the best and worth everything to get here!

Happy Dolphin Day!! What a time we had heading to Beaufort, SC. We’ve had dolphins though out our trip so far but this afternoon both boats had so many and for such a long time - we were overwhelmed with excitement. We were given the opportunity to look one in the eye, and just watch how they move, swim and play. It’s sad to think anyone would put them in a zoo or marine facility for us humans to be entertained. They do not belong in a pool or contained area - you can see their intelligence and their need to explore the waters of the wild. We feel so blessed to enjoy all of the wildlife out here on our trip, where the wildlife are free to grace us with their presence on their terms. 

After a day in beautiful Beaufort, SC we headed toward Georgia. We spent one night at an anchorage in Walburg Creek and 2 nights anchored off Fort Frederica. There is a dinghy dock there so we went into the Fort Frederica National Monument and checked out the fort town and its archaeological remains. It’s a nice walk through the many many trees and there is also a visitors center. We had to stay an extra day anchored off Fort Frederica as the winds were quite high. With strong current and strong winds it made our boat turn perpendicular with our chain and anchor which was a very different experience for us.

We are getting close to our posting our Bahamas and Gulf Stream Crossing videos. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come. 

Thank-you to all of you who are following along and supporting us along the way.