Munjack Cay...Nunjack, Manjack? Yes there is a little controversy over what the real name of this Cay is. Depending on the guide or chart you are using one of the 3 names may be used. We think most of the locals call it Munjack, so thats what we will use.  Munjack Cay epitomizes everything we think of when we dream of escaping northern winters for warm tropical places. As we walked the beaches and our feet sunk well into the soft sand, we could not help but think back to the snow we were surely avoiding up north. Instead of walking a dog through icy snow covered sidewalks, we were being followed by Stingrays as we walked the foamy edge of where ocean meets the sand.
We had been on the move quite a bit, and wanted a place we could stay put and explore for a while. Munjack provided that space, and quickly became one of our favorite stops in the Abacos. With plenty of anchorages, room for lots of boats, and a ton of things to explore and do, this is a popular place.  It is just north of Green Turtle Cay, so when strong winds come out of the west or we needed to provision, its was a quick jaunt to GTC.  



There are three anchorages to choose from, and all have a lot of room, so running out of space is not a concern. The North Anchorage is probably the least used. Conditions on the ocean have to be favourable to make this a comfortable stop. The Western anchorages are a ctruisers best options.

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Things To Do

There really is a lot to enjoy here, and most of which you will want to do more than once. Long walks on oceanside beaches that are miles long, hang with the stingrays and nurse sharks, kayak or dinghy through the mangrove creeks while spotting countless Sea Turtles, and diving the shallow wrecks that create a haven for some beautiful looking creatures.

Munjack has left the fondest of memories with us; The many conch blowing sunsets, the moonlit glowing beaches, the sharks and turtles swimming by the boat, the fresh ocean breezes, and the laughter of other cruisers in the anchorages enjoying themselves to the fullest. Munjack Cay is certainly a place to return. 


If you have any questions on the video or other things about Munjack Cay, or things we should have done and missed out on,  please feel free to comment on YouTube or in the comments below. If you have been to Munjack Cay, we would love to hear what your favourite adventure was there. We look forward hearing from all of you!