We did an interview! We were sitting back one day doing some video editing and we get a direct message on Instagram from a lovely fellow, Captain Frank, from The Ships Log requesting to sit with us and have a chat. We felt honored that someone would take the time out of their day to talk to us, so we immediately said yes. Captain Frank wanted to meet face to face as we headed up the east coast this year, but we don’t think we are taking the boat that far north, so a face to face over Skype while we were in the Exumas had to do.

We answer a bunch off questions, some of which you may not know about us and what we are doing.
How did we transition from land to live aboard? Do we miss anything about living on land? Our favorite destinations so far? And what are our current plans?

All these and much more are answered in The Ships Log post Leaving Land Behind. Thanks Captain Frank!