We are thinking of changing our Searching for C-Shels tag line from Freedom, Adventure, Simplicity, to Patience, Patience, Patience. It seems like such a long journey to get to this point. The selling of our house, getting rid of a lot of our stuff, selling our previous boat, and trying to find the next boat. All in all it took 3 to 4 years to accomplish, and as you have learned from our last post postponed our trip to the Bahamas a full year. It feels like it has taken that long just to get started.

We close on a 1991 Tollycraft 44 CPMY the beginning of October. Survey went well, Engines and Generator all surveyed well, and fluid analysis came back clean across the board. Forms are signed and money is in transit, so it would take an act of God for us not to have this boat at this point. 

The boat is very clean, besides a few minor areas that need attention. Gelcoat is slightly oxidized in some areas, but when I get my buffer on it, she will shine like new. Some interior soft goods, though clean, need updating and modernization; carpet will get replaced and the sofa will either get replaced or reupholstered. Refrigerator/freezer needs to be replaced ASAP. All in all a great boat, with good bones, well maintained engines, and when we get our hands on her for a while will eventually feel like home. 

So what is the plan going forward? Well the boat is in North Carolina, and this is where she will stay for the winter. We will keep her in the water at a nice marina so we will be able to visit her off and on during the winter months. We will get all of our soft good replacement projects done over the winter as well. Hopefully we will get to do one or two shakedown cruises during the winter down there to reveal any cruising and longer term usage issues. We will plan and prep for a cruise north on the ICW in the spring of 2016, taking the boat into Canada in May and heading to our slip in Gananoque, Ontario. We will live on the boat for the Summer prepping the boat to turn around and head to the Bahamas in the Fall of 2016. But as we have learned in past experiences, “plans are written in sand at low tide”, and through we plan our course, God directs our steps. 

There is still a fairly long road ahead, with lots of projects and planning to do. So stay tuned and subscribe, and follow on Facebook to be sure you are updated on all the progress.  

To get a feel for the boat, here is a quick video of the survey and sea-trial.