As we head down the Hudson River we feel so thankful to be able to cruise through such beautiful surroundings. With the Fall colours shrouding the mountain range and trains running though the valleys next to the river, we feel like we are in an old fashion movie. 

Our first anchorage brought us up a narrow creek to Saugrities, NY which opened up to give a few boats some swing room. It was a little foggy the next morning in the creek when we headed out which we thought would burn off quickly. However, when we entered into the Hudson we quickly ended up in the thickest fog we have ever cruised in. We couldn’t see 3 boats ahead of us and the 2 boats lost sight of each other and the shoreline. That brought on a little bit of an erie feeling :-) We relied on our radar and GPS but still over corrected on the wheel with not having a visual reference.


None of us have ever visited Manhattan before so we were all quite excited to try and find an affordable way to visit downtown NYC.  We decided to stay at Half Moon Bay marina about 25 miles North of NYC and get a train downtown. To take a marina on the NY side would cost about $6/per foot and $4.40/per foot on the NJ side. The manager at Half Moon Bay gave us $1.50/per foot a night and we stayed 2 nights.

We got on a train first thing in the morning and enjoyed our day in New York City. Check out our video as we go to the 911 Memorial and Times Square.